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Frequently Asked Questions

A marine broker may wear many hats between finding the most suitable boat for a buyer and selling a used boat for a boat owner. As professionals, we aim to facilitate transaction between both parties while keeping everybody interest, a happy costumer (seller or buyer) will always be more valuable to us.
The brokerage fee or commission rate is usually included in the selling price. The percentage varies with the brand, year, condition, etc…
Well, it will depend of your plans and your budget. If you buy a used catamaran, you won’t have to wait too long before possessing it and it might be financially more attractive. If you choose for a new catamaran and if you can wait, you will have the possibility to customise it as you wish and you will be covered by the builder’s warranty.
It is important that both the buyer and the seller are confident and understand this final step. We always process as follows:
  1. Sign a preliminary sales agreement
  2. We receive the deposit (10% of the purchase price)
  3. Request a pre-purchase boat inspection (at buyer’s expense) and sometimes followed by a sea-trial
  4. If the survey does not reveal majors defects in accordance with the terms of the preliminary sales agreement, the sale is finalised with the signature of the final contract
  5. Funds transfer between the buyer and the seller
  6. Release of the boat’s documents to the buyer and hand-over, only after the boat’s price and commission are paid in full.
Yes and no matter your sailing and technical knowledges. The surveyor will inspect the boat to make sure it is sound, compliant with the regulations and it is a way to be prevented from a bad investment by making sure the boat is in good condition.
If you don’t know what you are exactly looking for, you can decide to choose this option. At Multicats-International, we believe it is part of the learning steps to highlight your preferences and help find the most suitable boat for you.
This is the eternal question… and only you have the answer, it depends on what you and your family prefer.
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