HH Catamarans EcoDrive System

HH Catamarans is introducing the EcoDrive System

All the HH Catamarans have been redesigned to work with a parallel diesel/electric hybrid, a large solar array on the cabin top and hydro-regeneration while sailing.

The EcoDrive provides all the benefits of an electric boat: silent fume-free motoring, instant torque for maneuvering, and hydro-regeneration while sailing; while also providing the reliability of trusty diesel engines as a backup.

How does it work?

A traditional Diesel engine is coupled with a large electric motor. Much like an alternator sits on a diesel engine today, a belt connects the two units and a simple camshaft allows the user to switch between the two, creating the ultimate redundant propulsion system.

How long can the boat run in Electric Mode?

This depends on the size of the unit and the size of the boat, but on average the systems are designed to conservatively offer 1.5-3 hours of silent, fume-free, electric propulsion without requiring the owner to carry an unnecessarily large battery bank. This should be more than enough time to exit the marina or anchorage, hoist sails and regenerate power as you sail away. With 4.2kW of solar, the lithium batteries should charge quickly and massively extend the range.

Why not all electric?

Working with other brands, the Hudson Yacht Group has built several serial electric/diesel hybrid boats, and the technology used has been historically problematic.

HH Catamarans feels that the battery technology today is not ready for an electric-only boat. They learned from the previous projects and are working to develop a system that is ready now, and that can be trusted to provide a reliable, trouble-free, eco-friendly option.

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